You're ready to start setting your own schedule, quit your 9-5  and pivot to working online for yourself. Getting into the Virtual Assitant world sounds amazing, but you're not quite sure where to start.

Starting something new is always a bit scary.. What services should you be offering? How to find clients (who align with what you want to do)? Where should you be marketing yourself? And what about your pricing?

In the Aligned Virtual Assistant course I'll teach you everything you need and more, so you walk away with a solid foundation for your business, leads coming in regularly and packages that align with exactly what you want to be doing!

You've just started your journey as a Virtual Assistant, what an exciting time!


You're daydreaming about what it would be like to set your own schedule, doing exactly what you love doing - EVERY DAY

You don't have experience working online, but you won't let this stop you from chasing your dreams

You're a self starter who's craving the guidance and insight from someone who's done what you want to do

You're feeling nervous and kinda lost with the OVERLOAD of information that's out there

Is this you?


Price yourself sustainably so that you can confidently pitch your services

Build out your packages to align with what you love doing

Attract qualified ideal clients easily and

Build a business strategy that aligns perfectly with who you are and what you stand for

WHAT IF you could:

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, working 10+ hour days ''hustling'' your way to success, you're craving a path where you can shape exactly what success looks like.

Instead of trying to find all the answers on your own, downloading freebie after freebie without getting any real answers, let me give you a helping hand.

let me teach you everything i've learned after 1 year in business

but, guess what?

- Stephanie

Before speaking to Jasmin, I was having trouble figuring out how to price my packages appropriately. After this session, I walked away with so much clarity! Jasmin not only helped me gain clarity on how to price them but, WHY I should price them that way. She helped me shift my mindset and spoke words of encouragement, that I definitely needed. I left with so much confidence! I can't wait to implement all the gems she dropped. I highly recommend Jasmin's services to anyone in search of an amazing coach!

Jasmin helped me get the clarity I needed to feel confident.

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Let go of the hustle culture, and instead build a business around the hours you want

Get inside knowledge on how to use all the tools your clients are using

Show up confidently, strategically and consistently online

Find a way to define and shape your business in a way that feels aligned and fun

Learn all the inside trade secrets of being a Virtual Assistant. I'm not holding anything back

Know exactly how to define, attract and sign your dream clients without breaking a sweat.


In this 8 week hybrid course I'll be covering everything you need to know to start your own Virtual Assistant business with confidence, and start attracting ideal & qualified clients. I'm not holding anything back for this one!


The Aligned
Virtual Assistant

How it Works

and why you need to join!

Instead of just teaching you how to do it, I will also share my most valuable resources and insider tips & tricks to make sure you'll feel confident AF

Get the resources

Get access to a private Slack community where you can discuss, ask questions, connect with peers, and get daily feedback from me!


Each week there will be a live Q&A session where you can ask me ANYTHING about building an aligned Virtual Assistant Business

Live Q&A Support

- 8 Modules with a total of 40 lessons
- Weekly live Q&A session with me for the next 10 weeks
- Access to the community Slack channel
- Lifetime access to all the resources
- Worksheets, cheatsheets and assignments
- Easy to use, drag & drop templates

Oh, and I'm throwing in my..
Onboard + Destress course for free!

Ready to learn?

take a peek at these features!


When you start as a VA or SMM, coming up with what services you want to offer is one of the most important steps.

You want to make sure you set yourself up for success, so in this lesson, we will go over 20 in-demand VA services, how you should market your offers, if you should pick hourly or retainer packages, and more!


Type of VA Services + Marketing yourself 


the topics

Having a ‘’why’’ statement, or a mission statement for your business is how you’re going to get potential clients to connect with you on a deeper, emotional level -- which makes them more likely to pick you over anyone else when they decide they need a VA.

In this module, we’re going to define your ‘’why’’ statement, and this will become the foundation of everything else in your business

Define your “why” + setting the foundation 


What's the secret to nailing your discovery calls and signing dream clients? It's called pre-qualifying  and in this module we'll go in depth into how to set this up for your business.

We'll also go over what to talk about during your discovery calls, so that you'll feel super prepared and confident. Plus, we'll have a look at how to leverage testimonials and referrals to grow your business.


Discovery Calls, Pre-qualification + Ideal Clients 


The foundation of attracting your ideal client is knowing WHO your ideal client is. So, in this module we'll get super clear on you're ideally want to be working with so you can start attracting them.

We'll also go over getting in front of your ideal clients with engagement and lead tracking. And I'll spill the tea on how to network and pitch yourself in the DMs without feeling salesy.

Working with Ideal Clients + Client Communication


Now that we have a solid foundation in place, it's time to start marketing yourself so you can attract your ideal clients.

In this module we'll go over how to leverage Instagram to get in front of potential clients. You'll learn all about content marketing, consistency, content planning and showing up on video.

Marketing + Client Attraction 


In the online business space, we use a lot of different software, systems, and tools to run our business. As a Virtual Assistant, you need to get familiar with the most commonly used ones - for your own business but also for that of your clients.

Plus we'll go over how to stay organized, how to manage clients and projects, and how to schedule content.

Systems + Tools needed to grow your VA Business 


One of the most important skills you as a Virtual Assistant should be learning is time management. It's easy to dive in head over heels and work 10+ hours a day. Unfortunately, this leads to burnout..

In this module, you'll learn how to manage your time, how to find a productivity method that works for you, and ultimately designing your business to become exactly what you've dreamt of.

Project + Time Management 


The final part of the Aligned Virtual Assistant course is probably the most important one. In order for you to feel happy and aligned with your business, you need to overcome limiting beliefs, and set clear boundaries.

You'll learn how to avoid comparison and instead enjoy the process, how to build a community and how to invest and grow in complete alignment

Boundaries + Mindset 




What you'll get:

- Lucie 

It was AWESOME! I felt like chatting with friend and getting the best advices together. It was different than any other. Jasmin doesn't care only about your biz but about your story as well, that was really important to me. She finished this session by sending a doc with all points we discussed about + tips and "homework" to complete all the tasks we talked about. 11/10! Thank you Jasmin!

Jasmin doesn't only care about your biz but about your story as well

the reviews

And of course, the founder of AVA.

Growing up I always fought for opportunity. Being adopted, raised by a single parent NOTHING was just handed to me. I knew as an adult I had to put in the work.

I started my business last year in the middle of the pandemic like many others. Before stumbling into the online business world, I thought to meet my goals and go where I wanted, I needed to do it the "traditional way" (aka college and climbing the corporate ladder).

I thought it was always odd that the jobs that college recruiters or friends pitched to me never appealed to me. But, thinking the traditional way was the way to go, I still did it! Plus, I graduated in a pandemic! WOO!

I've always dreamed of work from home life and how working a 9-5 prevented us from truly reaching our potential. I would ALWAYS dread going to work on a Monday. I loved my coworkers but the work was unsatisfying, unappreciated, and underpaid. I remember just wanting more.

I’m Jasmin. Online Business Manager & VA Coach


I knew that I loved helping people, problem-solving, and technology. How can I combine the three and still live the life that I wanted to pursue other passions? One day I stumbled upon the term Virtual Assistant and everything fell into place.

When I started my business, I unlocked the door to what I think is the craziest journey I've ever experienced. Trust me, I've been through a lot. But to thrive in the online space as a black 27-year-old FEMALE? Well, guess what... I'm here!!

One year later, I've built a team of amazing women, a thriving agency, and thickened my skin along the way!

And the good thing is, if you're currently starting this journey you don't have to do it alone. I've poured all my insight knowledge of being a VA and building an Agency into AVA. It's designed to fill in the gaps. Help you set the foundation. Unlock YOUR potential and live the life that YOU want! 


frequently asked

It is a group course because instead of giving everyone access to the course at once, I made the decision to keep it small (only 20 people) and personal. It's a hybrid because I also give you access to me during our weekly live Q&A sessions, where you can ask me any burning VA questions and we can chat through your ideas.

I wanted to make sure that AVA is accessible to most people, so yes I offer payment plans. You have the option between a 2-month payment plan of $317 or a 6-month payment plan of only $117 per month.

You will get lifetime access to all the course materials and resources, with updates as we improve AVA over time.

You will get access to me during the live Q&A's for 10 weeks from starting AVA. 

No, the Aligned Virtual Assistant course is non-refundable. I'm 500% sure that you'll walk away from this course feeling more confident and clear about how to build your online business as a virtual assistant. If you put in the work, show up for the live Q&A's and ask all the questions, and you still feel unsure and unclear about how to proceed, I will offer you additional support to make sure we get you where you want to go.

- Hannah

I've watched many masterclasses and spoken to a couple different coaches that have just pitched themselves to me and left me confused but with you it was extremely genuine and authentic. The onboarding and software information was very informative and has provided me with so much clarity.

Jasmin is extremely genuine and authentic

the reviews


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